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Unreconciled Passion

Sýningarskrá með sýningunni Unreconciled Passion, Art and the Confrontation of Grief.

Sýnendur: Barrett Brown, Daniel Rothenfeld, Martha Marr, Peggy Kwong-Gordon, Marty J. Kalb, Gudrun Tryggvadottir.

Inngangur í sýningarskrá:
„Bill Busta runs a commercial gallery–the kind for which “alternative“ galleries are supposed to provide an alternative. This often means showing work that won't sell because it's too unpleasant to live with or too difficult to take home, but it always means challenging current tastes and fashions. Well, if all commercial galleries were like the William Busta Gallery there might be no need for an alternative, because there's nothing commercially predictable about what he shows. So we were delighted when he proposed an exhibition for SPACES. Unreconciled Passion, Art and the Confrontation of Grief explores how six arists responded to tragedy in their lives.

Bill Busta works with artists every day, and their lives become part of his own. As he followed several artists over the years, a theme began to emerge from their work: not only the response to tragedy, but also the capacity of art itself to heal and reconcile. Since he doesn't represent these artists commercially, the resulting exhibition was destined for SPACES. It deals with some of the worst issues we all  must face, and in this show, these six artists speak for humanity.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Bill Busta has organized a poetry reading at SPACES of 20 poets' work, developed by the Poets' League of Greater Cleveland through an open call for poems. Unreconciled Passion, Art and the Confrontation of Grief is part of the PLGC's series “Poetry: Mirror of the Arts“.

We are espcically grateful to Bill Busta for the careful labor and humane sensibility that has animated this project.

We are also grateful to the five artists Bill has selected for agreeing to participate in the exhibition, and to Barrett Brown's parents for giving us the opportunity to exhibit this work.“

Susan R. Channing.



Olía á hörstriga

height: 110 cm
width: 85 cm
depth: 3 cm
Owned by: Magnús Guðlaugsson

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Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir 1991

Mynd hér svart/hvít en verkið er í brúnum tónum (verður skipt út síðar).

Olía á hörstriga

height: 160 cm
width: 182 cm
depth: 3 cm
Owned by: Eimskipafélag Ísland

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Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir 1991

Olía á hörstriga

height: 182 cm
width: 160 cm
depth: 3 cm
Owned by: Magnús Guðlaugsson

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Guð og ég
Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir 1990


Unreconciled Passion, Art and the Confrontation of Grief
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1992-01-17 - 1992-02-14
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